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Your full service of organizing a hassle free outdoor adventure tour/trekking in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and in India. The company holds a history of more than 18 years in the field of tourism. Since its establishment, the company is determined to run only and only quality trips rather than quantity. Everyday continuing learning on path of discovery, focusing on a healthy environment, heritage, sustainable eco–tourism.

Depending on your requirement, we are capable to handle all kind of trips, whether be it a simple airport to hotel transfer or to organize mountain climb under and over 7000 meters!!, cultural tours, filming, etc. etc. You just have to name it. We have specialized designing tailor made treks and cultural tours for individuals and groups. We assure you to provide the best services the country has to offer.

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What Our Client Says

Aussies recommend Yala Adventure Yadu and his team at Yala Adventure impressed us right from our first contact with them. Without fail, their service has been prompt and thorough and their advice accurate. They delivered on all the promises and committments they made to us. They did not try to sell services which we did not want (unlike other agencies in Kathmandu) and we found their prices were very reasonable compared with other agencies. Based on our experiences in 2004 when we arranged tours to Tibet and Bhutan through Yala Adventure, as well as seeking their advice regarding accommodation in Kathmandu, we unhesitatingly recommend Yala Adventure. We are happy to provide further reference as well (contact details with Yala). We are in no way related to any person associated with Yala – we found them over the internet and commenced discussions over the internet. Darryn and Andrea, Brisbane Tibet and Bhutan trip

Darryn and Andrea Australia

Mr Yadu, for the two weeks of our visit to Nepal you were our local travel agent. I want to thank you for the excellent service. We wanted to make some changes to our original plan. You turned out to be very flexible , cooprative and service oriented. We also want to compliment you with the staff. Your local guide in Kathmandu turned out to b a very knowledgable man with also good understanding about what we comming from western culture should know to understand Nepal. Your hiking guide in Pokhara was very good and skilled company. Important in the hectic and not too safe traffic in Nepal: We appreciated also the driver from your company who adapted his driving style to “ less Nepalese” in order to make the trips with him as safe as possible. Kind regards, Jan and Janny , Netherlands

Jan and Janny Netherlands

We (my wife and myself) visited several times Nepal and did some extensive trekking in the Himalaya during in years 1998-2012. We fell in love with Nepal. I am a scientist and, together with my colleagues, we thought about organizing an international workshop in Kathmandu. We did this in April 2012. After the Workshop, we wanted to visit Western Tibet. To acclimatize we went to a trek in the Langtang Valley. In Tibet, we were mostly interested in two remarkable holy sites: MtKailsh and Manasarovar Lake. To arrange this trip we looked for the best company specializing in this sort of adventure treks. Our Nepali friend recommended to us two collaborating groups: 'Yala Adventure' from Kathmandu and Lhakpa Tsering and his team from Lhasa. The choice proved to be perfect. We had a wonderful two-week experience of Western Tibet. We went, in a group of four, from Kathmandu to the border crossing in Kodari, spent one night in Nyalam in Tibet and then, by Saga, Zhongba, Paryang, went to Darchen, the starting point for the main destination: Mt Kailash and the Manasarovar Lake. In the MtKailash area, we stayed overnight at Dirapuk Gompa where we had the wonderful close view of the mountain. Then, on the shore of Manasarovar, at Chiu Gompa, we attended the celebration of Buddha's Birthday. The trip was perfectly organized. The guide and the driver were very friendly and competent. The guide, a Western Tibet native, spoke perfect English and told us many most interesting stories. Last but not least, we did not have to bother about visas, entrance permits and all kinds of necessary documents. Everything 'has been done by itself'. Previously we did many excellent adventure treks. Mostly self-organized. But the memory of the Western Tibet trek organized by Yala Adventure and Lhakpa Tsering remaind with us as an unforgettable experience. I recommend this trekking company to everybody who likes to taste the real Tibet. May I add that in 2012 I and my wife were 72.

Jacek Karwowski Poland

Thank you for great trips !! Thank you to everyone at Yala Adventure for a great trip, and particularly to Ram and Komal for their help and good company. We couldn’t have done it without you, what with my bad back and Karen’s bad stomach – we were very glad of someone to help carry our packs! We are hoping all is well in Nepal so that we can come again as soon as we can. Regards and best wishes, Dave and Karen Law, Langtang Trekking

Dave and Karen Law United Kingdom

Hi, I recently returned from trip from Nepal and Tibet with Yala Adventure. I was the alone Singaporean and also the youngest in the group, which consist of Austrians, Germans and Swiss. I suppose that there are many details that I can tell you but I will focus on reliability and service, which appear to be your main concerns. I admit that I was initially concerned with going solo with a group of strangers, but as with all relationships, it became very comfortable and supportive with time. As for the reliability of the service from Yadu and Yala Adventure, I have no complaints. Throughout Nepal and Tibet, there were changes in itinerary, which is to be expected simply because with adventure tourism, the programme is a skeletal structure to the trip. Expect changes, but also expect that the team from Yala Adventure will be able to adapt with much flexibility to the circumstances, and provide the utmost comfort and information that you could possibly require. I felt very safe and taken care of during the trip, because of the preparations that they have taken in terms of safety and campsite location. I actually had numerous blisters on my feet and had much difficulty in the first few days. They were concerned and took extra effort to ensure that I was managing the trek at my own pace. Service wise, it was to a level I am not used to. Tents are pitched for us, including the toilet and dining tents. The essentials were well taken care of, all the way to the warm washing water in the morning to the cup of tea at night. I am not sure what your expectations are, they may differ from mine. On thatnote, no one on the trek had any complaints to their service and safety standards. This is not my first time in Nepal, I did the Annarpurna Circuit 23 days last year with another company. I believe that I can safely say that they are reliable, amiable and very helpful. Anyways, I will stop singing their praises now. I am very happy to provide a recommendation to other travellers and happy for them to Email me (contact details with Yala) if they want. Regards, Daphne Mt.Kailash tour from Simikot

Daphne Singapore