Travel Advisory : Covid-19

Published on: Sat 14 Mar, 2020 - Yala Adventure

No industry will be left untouched by coronavirus. And no industry is likely to be more affected than travel. We at Yala Adventure, your safety is our first concern. 

New Restrictions in place for Nepal from 14th March 2020

The Nepal Government has announced that:

From midnight on Saturday the 14th of March, visas on arrival for all foreign nationals will cease.

Any passengers arriving after the 14th March before midnight will be able to enter, without any restrictions.

All boarders between Nepal, India and Tibet are closed with immediate effect until the further notice.

Because of the above reason we request all the passengers to postpone the trip after May or  Autumn. We will keep the same price of the trips either you change the date for this year or next..

Thank you very much for your understanding.