Covid-19 Update in Nepal

Published on: Tue 25 May, 2021 - Yala Adventure

Situation Update-Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)WHO Country Office for Nepal (Reporting Date: 4 –10 May2021)


●Of the total COVID-19 positive cases,76%(306,794)of cases have recovered and 23.1% (93,141) of cases are active.

●46districts have reported more than 200 active cases out of which 29 districts have reported more than 500 active cases

●Of the total active cases, 92.8% (86,426) of the active cases  are  in  home  isolation;  6,715(7.2%)  cases  are undergoing hospital/institutional  isolation  of  which 910patients  require ICU  admission,  amongst which 295require ventilator support.

●New cases have been reported from 72 districts in the country.Among  these  new  cases,30.4%  of  the  new cases  are  from  Kathmandu  district  and  39.5%  from Kathmandu valley

●There have been 2,091,511people who have received the1st dose  of  COVID-19  Vaccine  and  368,811  people have received 2nd dose of COVID-19 vaccine


•As  of  11  May  2021,  T07:00:00  hours  (week  no.  19),  a  total  403,794  COVID-19  cases  were confirmed  in  the  country  through  polymerase  chain  reaction  (RT-PCR);  2,652,130  RT-PCR tests have been performed nationwide by designated functional COVID-19 laboratories.

•All 7 provinces in the country are now experiencing community transmission.•Province-wise   test   positivity   rate   in   the   past   week   (week   18)   ranged   from   37.5% (Sudurpaschim Province) to 58.6% (Karnali Province), with national positivity rate averaging 49.4%.

•Overall,   the   sex-distribution   remains   skewed   towards   males,   who   constitute   63% (253,988/403,794) of the confirmed cases. Amongst the males, 81% (205,224/253,988) are in the economically productive age group (15-54 years).

•A total of 90 samples have been tested for influenza at National Influenza Center (NIC), NPHL on EPID-week 18 (3 -9May 2021).None of the samples tested positive for influenza. From 4 January until 9May 2021,a total of 720 samples have tested for influenza and SARS-CoV-2. Only 6 Samples have tested positive for SARS-CoV-2.1