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Upper Dolpo Trekking

Dolpo has many mejestic valleys and valleys to explore, tanquil forest of oak, rhododendron (Nepal's national flower) and pine. The region is especially celebrated as the home

  • Dolpo is one of the least inhabited and remote region of Nepal. The stark landscape is full of in comparable natural beauty and thrilling viewspoints of the snowy Himalaya in far western in Nepal. Dolpo is a magnificent, rugged region ideal for trekkers looking for an adventure unlike any of the standard trekking routes. The Dolpo region of Nepal has gained worldwide attention from David Snellgrove’s Himalayan Pilgimmage, Peter Matthiessen’s The snow Leopard award-winning movie, The Caravan with its staggering cinematography filmed in the region.

    Dolpo was first opened for trekking in 1989, but only relative a few tourists have visited and witnessed the astonishing, rugged landscape with jaw-dropping beauty and villages following an ageless way of life. The region is south of the Tibetan frontier and the cultural of Dolpo is strongly influenced by Tibetan Buddhism and Bon rituals practices that precede it. The people of Dolpo and Tibet have strong commercial ties as well with the region part of an ancient, Trans Himalayan trade route.

    Treks in Dolpo are often divided into the Upper and lower sections of the district. Most people venture from Lower Dolpo into Upper Dolpo a restricted area that requires special permits. Adventurous trekkers can arrive to dolpo district from the south by way of remote territory of the newly promoted region of the Guerrilla Trek and Yarsa Trails. However, most journeys in dolpo begin with a flight to Jhupal, the gateway to Dolpo trekking. Flights to Jhupal typically arrive via Nepalgunj, a bustling hub city in the lowland plains.
    The main attraction of trekking in Upper Dolpo. Highlights include Ringmo village set along the sparkling waters Phoksundo lake with nearby waterfalls. A high pass continues from Ringmo with thrilling mountains views to crystal Mountain and its associated monastery, Shey Gomba. This is the ultimate destination of the Upper Dolpo Trek and most people spent at least and extra day here with an optional daylong  Kora (circumambulation) of crystal Mountain. The name of Shey monastery has been shortened from her Re Drugda, which means crystal Mountain of the Dragon’s Roar.

    Trekker often combine Dolpo Trekking with the Kali Gandaki Valley of the Annapurna Circuit by heading over a remote pass connecting the two regions and desending to the mountain airport at Jomsom, administrative headquaters of Mustang district. From Jomsom scheduled flights are available back to Kathmandu or follow the west side of the Annapurna circuit trek out through more scenic Himalayan lanscape and enjoy a rejuvenating dip in a natural hot springs along the way.

  • Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu (1350m) airport and transfer to hotel.
    Day 02: Sightseeing in around Kathmandu and trek preparation.
    Day 03: Fly from Kathmandu to Nepalganj.
    Day 04: Fly to Juphal (7,872ft/2,400m) and Trek to Dunai (7,052ft/2,150m), 2-3 hours.
    Day 05: Trek to Rohagaon (9,545ft/2,910m), 6-7 hours.
    Day 06: Trek to Reji (10,005ft/3,050m), 6-7 hours.
    Day 07: Trek to Phoksumdo Lake (11,808ft/3,600m), 6-7 hours.
    Day 08: Exploration day at Phoksumdo Lake.
    Day 09: Trek to Phoksumdo Khola (11,575ft/3,507m), 5-6 hours.
    Day 10: Trek to Phoksumdo Bhanjyang. (14,528ft/4,402m), 7-8 hours.
    Day 11: Cross the Kang La pass (17,630ft/5,375m) and Trek towards Crystal Mountain, 6-7 hours.
    Day 12 & 13: Crystal Mountain Kora and Trek to Shey Village. (13,620ft/4,126m), 6-7 hours.
    Day 14: Exploration day at Shey Gompa.
    Day 15: Cross the Saldang La pass (15,790feet) and Trek to Namduna Gaon (14,432ft), 7 hours.
    Day 16: Trek to Saldang (12,881ft/3,903m), 3-4 hours.
    Day 17: Excursion to Yangjer Gompa and return to Saldang. 6-8 hours.
    Day 18: Trek to Raka. 5-7 hours.

    We now enter the true exploratory part of our trek. On days 19 to 23 (weather and group fitness permitting), we will attempt to follow ‘The Snow Leopard’ route across the high passes and uninhabited regions of Inner Dolpo. We will leave these days without a fixed itinerary as we will need to be flexible and allow for any unexpected eventualities. In the case where this route is not possible, we will follow an alternative route south into Dho Tarap Valley (details on this route are below).

    Days 19 to 23: Trek to Darsumna Dhobhan and exploration over Langmuse and Baga La passes.
    Day 24: Trek from Maduwa to Chhepka (9,310ft/2838m),7-8 hours.
    Day 25: Trek to Juphal ( 7,872ft/2,400m ). 6 hours.
    Day 26: Fly to Kathmandu via Nepalganj.
    Day 27: Leisure day in Kathmandu.
    Day 28: Final departure for your onward destination.

    If the high mountain passes between Raka to Maduwa prove impassable, we will continue to travel on the southern route and enter the Tarap Valley on the following itinerary:

    Day 19: Trek to Jengla Phedi at the foot of the Jeng La pass (14,420ft/4,369m), 4-5 hours.
    Day 20: Cross the Jeng La (15,990ft/4,845m) and trek to Tokyu Gaon (13,907ft/4,240m), 6-7 hours.
    Day 21: Trek to Dho Tarap (13,418ft/4,090m). Afternoon is free for exploring the area. 4-5 hours.
    Day 22: Trek to Tarap Khola (Kamakharka) (12,465ft/3,800m), 6-7 hours.
    Day 23: Trek to Khani Gaon (10,330ft/3150m), 5-6 hours.
    Day 24: Trek to Tarakot (8,320ft/2,535m), 4-5 hours.
    Day 25: Trek to Juphal via Dunai. 6-7 hours.
    Day 26: Fly to Kathmandu via Nepalganj.
    Day 27: Leisure day in Kathmandu.
    Day 28: Final departure for your onward destination.

    Outline Itinerary-II

    Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu (1350m) airport and trensfer to hotel.
    Day 02: Full-day sightseeing in Kathmandu and Trek Preparation
    Day 03: Fly from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj
    Day 04: Fly from Nepalganj to Juphal and Trek to Tibrikot (2100m), 4/5 hour.
    Day 05: Trek to Kaliban,5/6 hour.
    Day 06: Trek to Kaigaon Village, 6/7 hour
    Day 07: Trek Village to Toijem –Phoksundo National Park Post.
    Day 08: Trek to Kagmara Base camp.
    Day 09: Trek Kagmara Pass (5115m) to Yak Kharka Camp,6/7 hour
    Day 10: Trek to Pungmo Village, 4/5 hour
    Day 11: Trek to Phoksundo Lake, 5/6 hour
    Day 12: Explorer day in Phoksundo Lake
    Day 13: Trek to Chhepka.
    Day 14: Trek to Juphal.
    Day 15: Fly back Juphal to Nepalganj and Nepalgunj
    Day 16: Leisure day in Kathmandu
    Day 17: Final departure for your onward destination.

    Note: Your safety is of paramount concern while traveling with our agency. Please note that your leader has the authority to amend or cancel any part of the itinerary if it is deemed necessary due to safety concerns. Every effort will be made to keep to the above itinerary; however, since this adventure entails travelling in remote mountainous regions, we cannot guarantee that we will not deviate from it. Weather conditions, health condition of a group member, unexpected natural disasters, etc. can all contribute to changes in the itinerary. The leader will try to ensure that the trip runs according to plan, but please be prepared to be flexible if required.

  • Moderate to Strenuous

    A moderate to strenuous trek requires a medium level of fitness. During these treks you will be required to walk up to 6 hours in one day. The trails will not always be clear and may at times be narrow and steep. You will be at times quite high in altitude so should be prepared for colder conditions and occasional snow. Moderate to strenuous treks are normally in well facilitated areas but at times you should be prepared for minimal facilities and amenities, esp. if it is a camping trek. And you will be more isolated from major roads and towns.

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  • 46465_1603370169107_2986800_nNamaste Yadu

    I made it home safely and even was upgraded to business class for the first part of my flights home from Kathmandu to Abu Dhabi. Which was great.

    I would like to thank you for organising everything whilst I was in Nepal. You are certainly Mr FixIt when it comes to sorting out itineraries, hotels, guides, flights, buses, etc.This made my trip run very smoothly without any hitch. I will pass on you details to anyone I know who is looking to travel to Nepal.

    I also saw Ben a couple of days ago, he’s fine. He and Kate are expecting their 2nd child next year which is great news, he is really missing Nepal and we are talking about coming back.

    Do you have a postal address for Yala Adventure that I can courier some equipment for Pasang to. I have spoken to a few friends at some uk outdoor equipment distributors and have managed to get a pair of boots for him, free of charge which I would like to send over.
    I like to help out where I can and this would be a great way to say thank you.

    Hope all is well with you and your family

    Regards, your friend

    Sonny Bennett
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    I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for arranging the trip to Mount Kailash intestimonials1 August 2012. Thank you for making this impossible dream becoming a Possible trip. Every moment has been cherished since then. It was such an amazing trip, carefully planned and prepared, and suitably adapted to my needs.I acknowledge how much efforts you put in this trip and how you went be.yond your limits. I would really recommend you to other travellers.
    Aarti Ramasamy
    Aarti Ramasamy