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Rara Lake Trekking

Rara Lake (Mahendra Daha/Tal) situated at Mugu district an altitude of 2,990 metres above the sea level, and falls within the Rara National Park. Rara National Park

  • Nepal’s smallest and most scenic national park that spreads over an area of 106 sq km is situated about 370 km north- west of Kathmandu and lies in Mugu a mountainous district of the western region of Nepal. The National Park ascends from 1800m to 4480m forested by conifers. The pivotal of Rara National Park is the pristine Rara Lake. It is the Biggest and Largest Mountain Lake in Nepal.  Rara is a best destination point for trekking in the west. The trail of Ra Lake Trekking is very much “off the beaten path” and affords glimpses of culture and scenery very different from those in the rest of the country. It covers an area of 10.8 sq.km and the perimeter 9 km. the length of lake is 5-km and it is 2-km side, the altitude is around 3000m. The maximum depth is 167m. Its radiant blue waters is home to the snow trout (Schizothorax oreinus sinuatus), the only fish recorded in the lake. Rara lakeside is known for long ridges forests and alpine pastures enclosed with high valleys and the lake it. Surrounded by lush forests and spectacular mountains it is described as “a shimmering blue jewel set in a ring of snowy peaks”.  The snowcapped summits of Ruma Kand (3731m) and Malika Kand (3444m) located on the northern side of the Lake; provide beautiful views of the lake to the south, and the beautiful Mugu-Kamali River valley to the north. Murma Peak also provides an excellent view of the park area.

    The trek to Rara Lake is a difficult but very rewarding experience. Although the amenities for trekkers have improved over the years, they are still not comparable to the facilities available in the more popular trekking routes. The Rara trekking route will thus give you a very pure trekking experience on self-sufficiency, secluded trails, and nature at its best.  The culture and scenery are very different from the popular trekking routes – it’s a beautiful and calm haven surrounded by forests, and a paradise for bird watchers. The park has recorded 272 species of birds. Some of the important species include coots, snow cock, and different species of pheasants, grebes, mallard, common teal, red-crested orchard and gulls. During winter, many migratory birds join the residential gallinaceous birds. The reserve is characterized by, sub-alpine and high temperate vegetation. Common plant species include fir, pine, and birch, rhododendron, hemlock, oak, juniper and spruce.

    Rara Lake and its surrounding area were declared a national park in 1976 to preserve the beauty of the lake and protect the area from pollution, deforestation, and not least Rara Lake’s rich fish life.  Winter season in this area is cold and harsh. The best time to visit this lake is thus during fall or spring, i.e. September-October and April-May. The pleasant atmosphere with a panoramic view of the scenic mountains makes it a breath-taking sight. In during this Rara trek we pass lots of ups and downs through beautiful spruce, pine and juniper forests and gorgeous valleys with grassy expanses. The Rara trek is strenuous and we will camp throughout the trek.

    The attraction of this trekking is that you will have chance to explore the beautiful Rara Lake and its surrounded alpine meadows and forest and visit to nearby Rara National Park, adjoined with the Lake. The Park is the home to animals such as Himalayan black bear, red panda, Leopard, Black Panther, Musk Deer, Wild Boar, Rhesus and Languor Monkeys Jackal, Himalayan Thar, Yellow throated marten, Otter, Wild dog. You can explore the Himalayan vegetation and unique landscapes, have stunning Himalayan Panorama, and explore the serene Rara Lake and typical village life. These entire features have made Rara Lake trekking special and rewarding one.

    Rara Lake trekking trip begins with flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj, subsequently to Jumla and trek continuously for three or four days and reach around Rara Lake and Rara National Park side and explore around and return back from same route to Jumla and fly back to Pokhara or Nepalgunj and subsequently to Kathmandu.

  • Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu (1350m) airport and transfer to hotel.
    Day 02: Full-day Sightseeing Kathmandu and Trek preparation.
    Day 03: Fly from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj.
    Day 04: Fly Nepalgunj to Jumla.
    Day 05: Trek to Uthugaon.
    Day 06: Trek to Danphe Lagna.
    Day 07: Trek Lagna to Chautha
    Day 08: Trek to Dhotu.
    Day 09: Trek to Rara Lake.
    Day 10: Explore day in Rara Lake.
    Day 11: Trek to Gorusingha.
    Day 12: Trek to Sinja.
    Day 13: Trek to Jaljala Chaur.
    Day 14: Trek to Jumla.
    Day 15: Fly from Jumla to Nepalgunj and same day Kathmandu
    Day 16:  Leisure day in Kathmandu
    Day 17:  Final departure for your onward destination

    Note: The above information is a guide and standard template of what we provide. This Rara Lake Treks can be customized at your request to accommodate your specific requirements. Private group and solo trekkers can be book this trek any date. The below departure dates indicate only trekking/tour duration from Kathmandu to Kathmandu, doesn’t  indicate arrival, sightseeing, leisure and departure day but the cost include 20 days above package. If you want to make any changes please conform our agency.

  • Moderate to Strenuous

    A moderate to strenuous trek requires a medium level of fitness. During these treks you will be required to walk up to 6 hours in one day. The trails will not always be clear and may at times be narrow and steep. You will be at times quite high in altitude so should be prepared for colder conditions and occasional snow. Moderate to strenuous treks are normally in well facilitated areas but at times you should be prepared for minimal facilities and amenities, esp. if it is a camping trek. And you will be more isolated from major roads and towns.

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  • 46465_1603370169107_2986800_nNamaste Yadu

    I made it home safely and even was upgraded to business class for the first part of my flights home from Kathmandu to Abu Dhabi. Which was great.

    I would like to thank you for organising everything whilst I was in Nepal. You are certainly Mr FixIt when it comes to sorting out itineraries, hotels, guides, flights, buses, etc.This made my trip run very smoothly without any hitch. I will pass on you details to anyone I know who is looking to travel to Nepal.

    I also saw Ben a couple of days ago, he’s fine. He and Kate are expecting their 2nd child next year which is great news, he is really missing Nepal and we are talking about coming back.

    Do you have a postal address for Yala Adventure that I can courier some equipment for Pasang to. I have spoken to a few friends at some uk outdoor equipment distributors and have managed to get a pair of boots for him, free of charge which I would like to send over.
    I like to help out where I can and this would be a great way to say thank you.

    Hope all is well with you and your family

    Regards, your friend

    Sonny Bennett
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    I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for arranging the trip to Mount Kailash intestimonials1 August 2012. Thank you for making this impossible dream becoming a Possible trip. Every moment has been cherished since then. It was such an amazing trip, carefully planned and prepared, and suitably adapted to my needs.I acknowledge how much efforts you put in this trip and how you went be.yond your limits. I would really recommend you to other travellers.
    Aarti Ramasamy
    Aarti Ramasamy